Dear All, Latest version of programme at the below wiki. Please edit / update your details, biog, title, availability. We are now looking at Feb 2010. Please advise if you are able to talk / chair and any dates you are unavailable. Thanks. Dave Andrews. http://energydiscussiongroup.wikispaces.com/

Claverton Energy Research Group Conference

( This is the draft agenda, speakers and chairs for the latest proposed Claverton conference. Not all speakers or chairs have confirmed ytherir availablity yet)

Seven previous highly successful and highly regarded conferences have been organised by the Claverton Energy Research Group an independent energy think tank, ( see for example - House of Commons event on European Supergrid and a recent gathering with senior electricity industry officials,) This latest conference will continue the tradition of independent analysis of energy policy and technology.

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Venue - London
Date – Weekday, Probably February 2010.

Provisional title: “What integrated, coherent package of energy technologies and polices are proven able to deliver the necessary carbon savings, energy and environmental security”?

Many commentators, often representing special interests, proffer different lists of uncosted, unscoped energy solutions – heat pumps, nuclear energy, renewable energy, tar sands and so on – but very few attempts have been made to evaluate an economically and technically feasible overall package.

This conference uniquely will do precisely that and brings together leading experts who have been considering options from this integrated point of view for many years.

Each speaker, as part of the http://www.claverton-energy.com/, and other professional energy networks, have been subjecting their ideas to rigorous, impartial scrutiny by the other 400 energy professionals, using the technique of " http://www.claverton-energy.com/energy-experts-online/interlock-research "

Each therefore is aware of and has discussed the interactions of his approach with all the others to form an integrated view.

Each presentation will be short and punchy, and merely report the results of years of work, but with adequate background references.

  • Lord Ron Oxburghe, Ex Boss of Shell, and a geologist.
  • Professor Jim Skea, Research Director, UK Energy Research Centre (former Director of PSI) - Confirmed
  • Dr Robert JK Gross, Head of the UKERC's Technology and Policy assessment function.
  • Professor Goran Strbac is a Professor of Electrical Energy Systems at Imperial College and his research interest cover economics of power system operation and investment in a competitive environment and integration of distributed generation.
  • Martin Alder, chair AEP Renewable Energy Comittee
  • Jeremy Nicholson - Engineering Employers Federation, Energy Intensive Users Group
Media partners – we are in negotiating with a number of leading journals and media to ensure maximum exposure. (World Wide Independent Power Journal confirmed )
  • “Wind, water and solar technologies can provide 100 percent of the world's energy, eliminating all fossil fuels. Here's how”. Mark Z. Jacobson Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Stanford University .( The main goal of Jacobson’s research is to understand physical, chemical, and dynamical processes in the atmosphere better in order to address atmospheric problems, such as climate change and urban air pollution, with improved scientific insight and more accurate predictive tools. He also evaluates the atmospheric effects of proposed solutions to climate change and air pollution, examines resource availability of renewable energies, and studies optimal methods of combining renewables
  • Low Carbon Transport Options. Mark Delucchi, Research Scientist and transportation analyst at the University of California, confirmed--- “A European Super Grid, connecting trans European power producers and users, can provide 100% renewable power, at no greater cost than we are paying for power now. Dr Gregor Czisch, Ex – Kassell University. (Dr Czisch is an advisor to the German and other governments on energy matters, and has conducted a 7 year study in the optimum mix of renewable and nuclear energy applicable with better interconnections and concludes that 100% renewable is the cheapest and most reliable method). Confirmed
  • The UK Renewable Energy Resource. Andrew Smith, London Analytics (confirmed)
  • ----
  • Modelling how the weather on a half hourly basis changes in UK and Europe, and how it is perfectly feasible to provide the resultant power demand from largely carbon free sources. Dr Mark Barrett, Principal RCUK Academic Research Fellow, Bartlett School of Graduate Studies, University College London. Confirmed
  • ----
  • Can clean piped heat supplies decarbonise our urban heat sector? The merits of CHP, Heat Pumps, Solar and Biomass as low CO2 energy vectors.
    William Orchard MA(Oxon) MBA CEng FIMechE MCIBSE MIET FEI, Managing Director, Orchard Partners London Ltd
  • ----
  • Nuclear Energy Contribution - to be announced
  • ----
  • Improving the energy and carbon performance of commercial and public buildings. Bill Bordas.
Biill Bordass is a leading building energy scientist who moved into buildings at the multi-skilled design practice RMJM London, eventually becoming Associate in charge of building services, energy and environmental design. In 1984 he set up William Bordass Associates, which studies building performance in use; and assists clients with briefing, project reviews, performance monitoring and troubleshooting of existing, new and historic buildings. He is also research and policy adviser to the Usable Buildings Trust (UBT), which promotes better buildings through understanding how they actually work, how people get things done, and the relationships between users, management and technologies. He has been involved in many post-occupancy surveys, including the published Probe series in 1995-2002. He has recently been working on building energy certification and benchmarking in the EU, UK and the USA. In 2008 he received CIBSE’s first low-carbon pioneer award. Confirmed
  • ----
  • Cutting the largest part of UK Energy Demand - building heating by cost effective measures applied to existing houses. David Olivier Confirmed
  • ----
  • Building energy efficiency - rolling out of a large scale home improvement scheme. Philip Webber (phil.webber@kirklees.gov.uk) of Kirklees Council who was awarded an Ashden Award for sustainable energy (www.ashdenawards.org). Chair of Scientists for Global Responsibility
  • Phil's presentation would cover the £21m Kirklees warm Zone scheme which has insulated 35,000 houses and visited over 118,000 with advice and support about energy, benefits (grants and support eg carers, etc) will get to every one of 182,000 by June 2010. Carbon savings in 35,000t to 55,000t range. Over 140 jobs, benefots of around £96m brought into area. How this scheme ought ot be rolled out across the UK and how it is being copied in several UK local authorites. Renewable energy loan scheme and utilisation of the feed in tariff - Kirklees already runs a £1m/yr renewable energy loan scheme for householders and is planning a £5m self funded scheme for public buildings. Views on how the FIT may need modifying.
  • As a separate topic if there is interest we are also running a Carbon budget - at a later date I could update how this is progressing against our target of a 10% reduction in 2010 (10:10) Confirmed for February (subject to date being set)

  • Hydrogen, the green currency of the future. Mark Crowther, GASTEC at CRE Ltd Confirmed

  • ----
  • Micro generation – the contribution. Innovation Consultant Jeremy Harrison. EON Confirmed
  • Can UK build the infrastructure in time? Should government quantitative easing be directed in this directions Jeremy Nicholson, Engineering employers federation, Energy Intensive Users Group
  • Cutting the largest part of UK Energy Demand, building heating by cost effective measures applied to existing houses. Professor Bob Lowe.
  • Carbon credits , Carbon calculator

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